Yokai Tales: Stories From Japan's Grand & Mysterious Tradition of Folklore

Image of Yokai Tales: Stories From Japan's Grand & Mysterious Tradition of Folklore


D.C. & C. Michael McGannon - Best-selling authors and hosts of The Monster Guys Podcast, Yokai Podcast, and Faerie Tales Podcast - share their love for Japanese folklore through this original collection of stories and art.

With a deep respect to the classics, while honoring modern storytellers and artists, D.C. & C. Michael McGannon are delighted to bring the whimsical and moving traditions of Japanese folklore to life.

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From the forward by Matthew Meyer of Yokai.com:

Over the past decade or so, there has been a huge surge in global awareness of Japanese folklore. These days Japan’s ghosts and monsters can be found all over the internet, books, comics, television, and movies. Everyone—from individual independent writers to big-name studios—seems to be getting in on this explosion of folklore, contributing to the growing awareness. Words like yokai, mononoke, tengu, and kitsune are becoming common terms. It wasn’t long ago that almost nobody knew about these things; today there are fans all over the world.

One of the key aspects of folklore is that it doesn’t belong to anybody; it belongs to everybody. Each storyteller builds upon those who came before them, picking the parts they like best and adding their own bits and pieces to the story. This collection of short stories continues that tradition, starting with the traditional roots of Japanese folklore and retelling them for a modern audience. DC and Michael McGannon draw upon the “folk” nature of folklore by taking familiar stories and making them their own.

Their tales stay true to the nature of the ghosts and monsters of old Japan, while adding a bit of their own personality into the mix. Diehard fans of Japanese folklore will recognize the original folktales at the heart of each of these short stories.

DC and Michael McGannon’s stories draw from and contribute to the ongoing resurgence of Japanese folklore. They are part of the shared tradition of storytelling which stretch from time immemorial and continues to this day.

Matthew Meyer
June 30, 2016


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