Hollow World: The Thief's Sacrifice (Vol. 2)

Image of Hollow World: The Thief's Sacrifice (Vol. 2)


"... a combination of Tim Burton’s empathic stuffed creation '9' and Oliver Twist, although older, surrounded by a maelstrom of villains ..."

"a gloomy, bleak Dickens-like London society. Lurking around every corner are the Hollow Men ... a dark and dismal industrial age."

"Fans of the Steampunk culture will love this, but it certainly has a much broader appeal. Victor Hugo would certainly be proud!"

Book Overview:

Having reached the protective shadows of the Fox Den, Lukos and Kit barely have time to breathe before their pursuers pick up their trail once more.

Only now, an evil from eras past has been awakened and released to hunt them, creating panic in the world underneath Limbo.

Meanwhile, in the city itself, forces of nature and political masterminds begin to clash, forming alliances and making bargains that even a devil would hesitate to agree to.

A sacrifice will be made, but it may be too little, too late.


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